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Bolea Sáez is an insurance broker specialized in the industries of Company Insurance and Special Insurance.

Our business model is aimed at providing a tailored response to the needs of the client – always working very closely together – both in identifying and analyzing risk, as well as in designing the type of insurance that your company needs.

Bolea Sáez provides its clients with solutions for a wide range of risks and has extensive experience in the industry and transparency in all of its activities. It’s a dynamic company that seeks to provide excellence in customer service.


At Bolea Sáez you will find the personal treatment, added value and guarantee that you need for insuring your company and business activities.

Everything under control

More than ever, companies need to confront various situations that arise from their activity: suppliers and contractors, logistics, buying and selling, production, personnel, storage, security, facilities maintenance, waste management, customer collections… These operations result in increased risk to company assets, profits and image.


As risk and insurance consultants, BOLEA SAEZ can help you minimize these liabilities.


  • Insurance program audits
  • Advice and support in risk management
  • International programs
  • Property insurance:
    • All risks coverage / multi-coverage
    • Machinery breakdown
    • Loss of earnings
    • Advance loss of profit (ALOP)
    • All risks coverage for construction and assembly
    • Decennial liability
  • Liability coverage:
    • Operations
    • Professionals
    • Administrators and senior positions
    • Environmental
    • GDPR / employment practices
  • Transportation insurance:
    • Aislados; pólizas globales; flotantes
    • Stock & Transit coverage
  • Credit insurance:
    • Domestic / foreign / political risk
    • Excess losses / 2nd Layer
  • Welfare insurance:
    • Life / accident / health
    • Expatriate / travel assistance
    • Outsourcing of commitments
    • Retirement / pension plans
  • Claims processing:
    • Coverage analysis
    • Appointment of claims adjusters
    • Quantification of damages
    • Preparation of documentation
  • Negotiation with insurers

The complexity of the logistics sector, and its need to provide a comprehensive and competitive response to its customers, has led to an increase in risk that must be minimized.


At BOLEA SAEZ, we provide integral solutions to optimize the management of your company:


  • Insurance program audits
  • Advice and support in risk management
  • International programs
  • Liability insurance
    • CMR / Law of Inland Transportation/ combined
  • Transportation insurance
    • Single trip
    • Floating
    • Global policies
    • Stock & Transit coverage
    • On board fishing catch
    • Issuance of online insurance certificates of documentary credits
  • Risk prevention services
  • Claims management:
    • Coverage analysis
    • Appointment of claims adjusters
    • Quantification of damages
    • Preparation of documentation
  • Negotiation with insurance companies
  • Salvage sales support
  • Follow-up on insurer collections
Welfare Insurance

In the current economic context, companies are becoming increasingly aware of and concerned about employee social security in the face of uncertainty inherent to traditional systems of welfare protection.


At BOLEA SAEZ, we work closely with each client in designing social welfare programs that best suit their needs.


  • Risk insurance
    • Life and accident (capital and/or income from widowhood, disability, orphanhood…)
    • Health
    • Travel assistance for expatriates and temporary travel abroad
    • Temporary disability
  • Savings insurance
    • Group retirement plans
    • Social security plans
    • Employee pension plans
    • Early retirement
  • Flexible compensation
    • Health insurance
    • Performance-based remuneration and/or tenure at the company
    • Incentive policy design
  • International benefits programs
Professional Civil Liability

The increased level of responsibility required of professionals in recent years, along with new legislation in this area, have led to a strong demand for professional civil liability insurance.


The response to this demand has resulted in professional civil liability policies that protect the assets of professionals against claims for errors or omissions committed while performing their activities.


Insurance auditing

  • Comprehensive risk management
  • Individual and group insurance
    • Professional associations
    • Associations
    • Professional bodies
    • Private individuals
  • Technical professions
    • Engineers
    • Architects
    • IT risk / Internet
  • Legal professionals
    • Attorneys
    • Legal procurators
    • Notaries
  • Healthcare professionals
    • Physicians and other healthcare personnel
    • Hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices
    • Pharmacists and chemists
    • Clinical trials
  • Insurance for other sectors
    • Advisory and consulting services
    • Economists and auditors
    • Marketing and advertising
    • Property administration
    • Real estate agents
  • Other professions / financial
    • Personal liability – administrators and executives
    • IPO’s
    • Venture capital companies
    • Financial institutions
    • Data protection
  • Claims management
    • Coverage analysis
    • Claims protocol
    • Appointment of claims adjusters
    • Damage quantification
    • Negotiation with insurers
Environmental Liability

On April 30, 2007 Law 26/2007 on Environmental Liability entered into force, creating a new risk for companies.


the obligation to repair, prevent and avoid:


  • All types of damage to water, sea shores and estuaries, protected species and habitats
  • Soil contamination damage

And although, to date, the development of the Law does not oblige the contracting of a financial guarantee to face the consequences derived from the damages, there are losses, which companies have to assume and bear.


These new obligations have no solution within traditional civil liability insurance, even if they have a specific guarantee for pollution: they are a new type of administrative liability.


  • Damage to biodiversity
    • Expense reserves and damage avoidance
    • Out-site and In-site cleaning costs
    • Retroactive coverage
    • Business interruption due to environmental liability
    • Transportation risks
    • Itinerant risks
    • International programs
  • Guarantors
Maritime Liability

Passenger transportation, merchant and fishing vessels, recreational boating, port operators, logistics and transportation… make up a sector of paramount importance worldwide.


The difficulties and risks to which business people are exposed in the development of their activity, together with the increasing demand for responsibility, require the development of proper risk management.


  • Advice and support in risk management
  • Marine liability insurance
    • Protection and Indemnity (P&I)
    • Liability of various maritime operators
    • Liability of ports and marinas
    • Liability of charterers
    • Strikes and delays
  • Claims management
    • Coverage analysis
    • Appointment of claims adjusters and professionals
    • Damage quantification
    • Preparation of documentation
  • Negotiation with insurers

Carrying out activities in any company today requires guaranteeing the fulfillment of the obligations with regards to third parties that are imposed by the legislation in force, or by contractual agreements.


Surety insurance is an indispensable instrument in the commercial activity of any company in order to avoid unnecessary frozen assets, allowing access to a line of “ad hoc” guarantees that ensure the steadfast fulfillment of the contracted obligations.


  • Tendering
  • Compliance
  • Collections and advances
  • Customs and imports
  • Electricity grid connection bonds
  • Fulfillment of contracts
  • Securing of anticipated amounts to purchase a home
  • Travel agencies
  • Tax claims
  • Special operations

This type of insurance is a tool that allows for providing transfer conditions to those risks that are difficult to “fit into” traditional branches (Damage, Civil Liability, Transportation…).


Most commonly, this insurance protects the organizer of activities linked to the world of sports, leisure, entertainment…from any possible financial losses he or she may suffer if the event cannot be held or is delayed due to a condition established a priori in a given period of time.
There is a wide range of risks that can be covered:


  • Cancellation of events (concerts, conventions, shows…) due to adverse weather, non-appearance of the principal artist, illness, damage to the venue where the event is to be held, national days of mourning…
  • Payment of bonuses to elite athletes for a victory of the sports team in a championship
  • Prizes for holes in one in golf, basketball shots, shots on goal
  • Loss of income (advertising, TV…) due to drops in ratings/categories (sports)
  • Cancellation of trips
  • Prizes in product promotional campaigns for companies
  • Exceptional success in sales campaigns
  • Placing risk in the insurance market under the best conditions of coverage and cost
  • Claims management
    • Coverage analysis
    • Damage quantification analysis
    • Preparation of documentation
  • Negotiation with insurance companies

tailored to each client
Vehicle Fleets

Proper administration and management of vehicle fleets also requires planning your risk program. Of all risks, those involving traffic are quite considerable, which year after year are the cause of significant personal injury, with very high material costs and, therefore, must be managed quickly and efficiently.


At BOLEA SAEZ, we manage fleets of buses, rental cars, trucks, company vehicles, and renting programs, among others.


  • Automobile
    • Compulsory civil liability
    • Voluntary civil liability
    • Compulsory travel insurance
    • Defense and claims
    • Personal damages
    • Total loss
    • Windshield / windows
    • Travel assistance
    • Fire while in movement and stationary
  • Operations
    • Civil liability for passenger transportation companies
    • Civil liability for accidental pollution
    • Employer’s civil liability
    • Environmental liability
    • Contract insurance
    • Outsourcing pension commitments
    • Withdrawal of license
  • Damage
    • Damage insurance for warehouse and facilities
    • Damage to transported luggage
  • Claims management
    • Coverage analysis
    • Appointment of claims adjusters
    • Quantification of damages
    • Preparation of documentation
    • Negotiation with insurers
  • Financing insurance premiums

Passenger transportation, merchant and fishing fleets, recreational boating, port facilities and operators, logistics and transportation, ship maintenance and construction, ancillary industries… encompass a significant sector throughout the world.


The difficulties and risks to which maritime activity is exposed require developing a suitable Risk Management policy.


  • Insurance program audits
  • Advice and support in risk management
  • Vessel insurance
    • Navigational hazards
    • Hazards related to war and strikes
    • Loss of freight
    • Losses in the fishing industry
    • Shipbuilding insurance
    • Warranty insurance
    • Cargo insurance
    • Passenger and crew insurance
    • Recreational boating
  • Maritime civil liability insurance
    • Protection and indemnity (P&I)
    • Repairer liability
    • Assorted maritime operator liability
    • Charterer’s liability
    • Marina and port liability
    • Innocent owner
  • Claims management
    • Coverage analysis
    • Appointment of claims adjusters
    • Damage quantification
    • Preparation of documentation
    • Negotiation with insurers


We have extensive experience in insurance solutions for the energy sector: mini-hydraulic, wind, thermo-solar, photovoltaic, biomass, cogeneration…


Nuestros servicios en este área son:
  • Audit and design of insurance programs
  • Participation in project finance and refinancing projects
  • Surety insurance
    • Requests for public tender bids
    • Connection to the energy distribution network
    • Connection to the transportation network
    • Special lines
  • Insurance for projects in the construction phase
    • Transportation risks
    • All risks coverage for construction/assembly
    • Liability
    • Anticipated loss of profit
  • Civil liability for directors and executives
  • Insurance for projects in the operation phase
    • All risks coverage for material damage
    • Machinery breakdown
    • Loss of profit
    • Liability
    • Civil liability for directors and executives
  • Specific coverage
    • Lack of sun/wind
    • Environmental liability
    • Political risk insurance
    • Catastrophic risks (international programs)
  • Claims management
    • Coverage analysis
    • Quantification of damages
    • Preparation of documentation
  • Negotiation with insurers

We offer our clients personalized solutions and guarantee the most comprehensive coverage under the best financial conditions.


  • Insurance program audits
  • Advice and support in risk management
  • Property insurance
    • All risks/multi-risk
    • Air navigation
  • Personal insurance
    • Individual accidents, health, life, unemployment, temporary occupational disability, orphanhood, widowhood, savings, dependency
  • Civil and/or property liability insurance
    • Operations
    • Professionals
    • D&O
    • GDPR
  • Automobile fleet insurance
  • Sports insurance
    • Sports accidents
    • Professional sports accidents
    • Anti-doping
    • Athlete image insurance
    • Contingencies
  • Non-payment of rents
    • Non-payment of rent / legal defense
  • Household appliance insurance
    • Warranty extension
    • Theft/replacement and/or substitution
  • Database marketing
    • Bonus telemarketing
  • Bancassurance
    • Wide variety of products for banking customers

Real estate development, public and private buildings (hospitals, rotating buildings, industrial warehouses…), the construction of infrastructures (civil works, licenses…), as well as all ancillary activities and supplier companies that accompany them, make up a sector that faces increasingly complex risks.



We design solutions tailored to your needs that cover your complete management cycle, regardless of the size of your company.

Construction phase:

  • All risks construction coverage for building and civil works
  • All risks coverage for assembly
  • Construction machinery and equipment
  • Transportation
  • Anticipated loss of profit
  • Liability
  • Professional liability
 Operational phase:
  • Protection of finished buildings
  • Loss of rent
  • 10-year warranty (with and without Technical Inspection Agency)
  • Finished civil works and operating losses
  • Civil liability for companies
  • Financial Area
    • D&O
    • Guarantee for payments on account
    • Surety for tenders and compliance
    • Political risk for projects abroad
    • Risk consultancy for project finance entities
    • Financing of insurance premiums
  • Welfare area
    •  Accidents covered by the agreement
    • Social advantages (life insurance, health, affinities…)
    • Coverage for executives
  • Claims management
    • Coverage analysis
    • Claims protocol
    • Appointment of claims adjusters
    • Damage quantification
    • Negotiation with insurers
    • Deductible claims
  • Services
    • Insurance program audits
    • Risk analysis and assessment
    • Comprehensive risk management
    • Public and private tenders
    • Claims management

The growth in recent years of aquaculture, both land-based as well as offshore, has brought with it greater concern for risk management.


BOLEA SÁEZ is an insurance broker specialized in specific products for Aquaculture.


  • Advice and support in risk management
  • Aquaculture insurance
    • Damage to facilities
    • Warehouse stock insurance
    • Transportation insurance
    • Civil liability insurance
  • Claims management
    • Coverage analysis
  • Appointment of claims adjusters and professionals
  • Damage quantification
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Negotiation with insurers
Agricultural and Agrarian Insurance

Bolea Sáez Insurance has more than 15 years of experience in Agricultural and Agrarian Insurance, and has carried out operations involving livestock and other animals (horses), farms, livestock farming and agri-insurance.


We also have an international collaborator who is an expert in agricultural insurance for more particular risks. We use both the Lloyd’s market (the world’s most specialized insurance market), as well as the most demanding reinsurance markets on the European continent. We also have experience in international risks for this type of insurance; we have insured in countries of the European Union, Morocco, Tunisia and Latin America (Panama, Ecuador, Peru).
That’s why we believe that we can be useful in the event you need agri-business coverage.


We provide coverage in the Aviation Sector such as aircraft operators (airlines, air taxis, fire extinguishing companies with helicopters), airport operators (handling companies, catering, aircraft cleaning, ground support) and companies that manufacture products for companies in the sector and provide services for them, including at airport premises (construction work in aviation, crew transportation, airport supplies, among others).


These types of companies require insurance solutions with specific placement outside of ordinary insurance market policies (something particularly important when the liability derived from their activity has to be covered: damage to aircraft, losses due to their grounding, war and terrorism risks, etc.).


  • General Aviation (Jets, Helicopters, Private Use, Firefighting Fleets, Photography, Tourism, Schools, Air Clubs) and Airlines:
    • Hulls
    • War hull insurance
    • Deductible hull
    • Liabilities
    • Spare parts
    • Personal accidents for crewmembers
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Companies (MRO)
    • Civil liability
    • Hangarkeepers
    • Liability products
    • Facility damage
    • War and terrorism
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of aeronautical products
    • Facility damage
    • Civil liability for companies
    • Employer’s liability
    • Product liability
    • Hangarkeepers
    • Environmental responsibility
  • Airports and companies providing services at airports
    • Facility damage
    • Civil liability for companies
    • Employer’s liability
    • Hangarkeepers
    • Personal liability for products
    • Personal liability for war and terrorism
    • Personal liability for motor vehicle activity within airport premises
      (damage to aircraft, passengers and cargo)


Property, Transportation and Personal Liability

Bolea Sáez Reinsurance has extensive experience in reinsurance contracts. We work in the European and British markets, which allows us to negotiate with the most important reinsurance market in the world.


We specialize in Facultative Reinsurance. The fundamental areas in which we work are Property, Transportation and Civil Liability.

Your tranquility, that of yours

Protecting personal assets, people’s physical wellbeing and planning for the future are three basic functions of private insurance.


At BOLEA SAEZ, we offer high-quality insurance solutions for the needs of families and individuals, while always offering the strongest guarantee on quality and price..

  • Automobile and motorcycle
  • Home
  • Life
  • Health
  • Accident
  • Recreational watercraft
  • Pension plans and retirement insurance
  • Travel assistance
  • Death
  • Pets
Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries. We are at your entire disposal.


Where we are

Main office

Address: Plza.  Alcolea, 18  2ºA – 30201 Cartagena, Spain
Phone: +34 968 32 06 07
Fax: +34 968 32 17 36

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Phone: +1 (786)-633-340

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